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Adriana A. Christie

Waitematā Local Board Report

January 2021

Due to level three announcement.


 I will abstain from posting my original local board report since the video was recorded before lockdown and I was not practing social distancing.

Friendly reminder to log your council issues on the website or via the phone.

The link is below:

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Waitematā Local Board Report

November 2020

Ponsonby Road 

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 1.40.53 PM.png

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Waitematā Local Board Report

October 2020

Waitematā Local Board Report.


In addition,

  • The maintenance of native bush needs to be reassessed. I have met with Char, from Kaipatiki Project and she talked to me through the process that Maori use to maintain Harakeke. Needless to say contractors have been not knowingly treated these plants incorrectly, I have asked char to present to the Local Board Business meeting. 

  • Several community members have expressed their interest in being a part of projects that help offset carbon.  Projects such as community edible gardens, Parklets, and Rooftop gardens. I am working on a proposal where I will be presenting it to Newmarket, Parnell and Ponsonby Business Association. The glory of running projects like these is that the cost, maintenance, are close to none. But, the recognition  of being a Business Improvement District that is advocating and empowering the community to run initiatives that offset carbon is gigantic. The world has realised that COVID isn’t leaving us anytime soon. The hospitality industry has the opportunity to re-imagine alfresco, safely distant spaces for customers and the community. 

  • I sit on the Ports of Auckland Committee and I'd like to express my concern of the POA, systemic failing, fatalities, neglect of health and safety. In addition, POA seems to not be working towards the city's goal to reduce emissions.  When asked what action is the POA doing to offset its diesel emissions, Committee Member Don Mathieson among others said that the emissions are relatively low so no need to address.

  • Panuku Development has not paid for the power use of the two council sites on Station square. There are young artists lined up to utilise. I will start investigating on why Panuku is limiting the community to utilise our spaces. 

Waitematā Local Board Report.


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