Board Member Christie Report - June / July 2021

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Tēnā koutou.

Ko Adriana Avendaño Christie tōku ingoa.

He Mema au o te Poari ā-Rohe o Waitemata.

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti.

Pictures in this report taken by: Luke Mckeown

Role Update/made into a Content Table.

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti

(Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee)

Park Sports & Rec.

Myers Park

Western Park

Te Wai Orea

Wellpark Reserve

Home Reserve

Heard Park

Fraser Park

Cox's Bay

Outhwaite Park

Mug Library helping put Mugly & Grey Lynn 2030

Defence Careers Recruiting Centre Auckland

Economic Development (2ic)






Grey Lynn

Ports of Auckland Community Liaison Group

Landowner Approvals

Transport Requests

Meetings Events I attended


General/Assigned Roles Update

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti

(Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee)

If there is one thing I'd like for you to understand is that Councillor Desley Simpson likes to get stuff done and done properly! I love that spirit. I have to acknowledge that leadership as its beneficial to all of us that love the Auckland Domain. On Monday the 14th of June the Auckland Domain Committee made the Auckland Domain Event Approvals. Schedule from 1 July 2021 to 30 - As required under the Auckland Domain Event Operational Guidelines, Staff have complied a summary of events scheduled to take place on the Auckland Domain between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

• Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Pink Ribbon Walk - Saturday 16 October 2021, postponement date Saturday 30 October 2021.

• Cancer Society Walking Stars - Saturday 13 November 2021.

• Corporate Challenge - Wednesday 24 November 2021.

• Christmas in the Park - Saturday 11 December 2021, postponement date Sunday 12 December 2021.

The Auckland Domain three-year work programme includes the following renewal projects:

• Winter-gardens seismic remediation and renewal

• Lighting renewal in the domain

• Band rotunda renewal

• Grandstand renewal

• Wintergarden boiler renewal


Parks, Sports, & Recreation

Myers Park

Waitematā Local Board has endorsed a preliminary design for the Mayoral Drive underpass and northern entrance, one of a number of upgrades to Myers Park as part of the Myers Park Development Plan. The development plan began in 2012, with the first stage of the project seeing a new play area and upgraded lighting and footpaths, completed in 2015 in time for the Myers Park centennial celebration.

The Mayoral Drive underpass design will see an accessible, safe and obvious entrance into the park and includes improvements to the Mayoral Drive/Queen Street entrance stairs and new artwork on the underside of the Mayoral Drive bridge. The preliminary design for Mayoral Drive underpass was developed with feedback from Waitematā Local Board, the Myers Park mana whenua working group, accessibility specialists, and Auckland Council staff.

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei artist, Graham Tipene, has developed an immersive conceptual idea for the artwork on the underside of the bridge that references the whakapapa of the Wai Horotiu stream, which once ran through the park, and its taniwha. A timber boardwalk proposed at the lower end of the park, next to the underpass, also takes inspiration from the former stream and will flow through an area of dry swale planting culminating at the northern edge of the park in a series of stepped platforms. Playful features, including concrete stepping stones, will allow people to engage with the planting.

The Mayoral Drive/Queen Street entrance stairs will feature design elements by Māori artist Tessa Harris with larger seating steps running parallel, allowing people to further enjoy the park. The local board is due to approve the detailed design later in the year.

Myers Park Cottage

The cottage renewal was talked about last term and I am so thrilled to let you know that the Refurbishment of the cottage is on the go. The works are estimated to be done by January 2022. Deliverables achieved to date: Arborists, archaeologist's assessment, Resource consent issued, Heritage New Zealand archaeological authority issued, Detailed design complete, Building consent issued, Physical works tender awarded.

Western Park

The low lights installation is almost done. Sixteen lights have been installed at the top Ponsonby road end of the park. Asphalt footpaths are underway. This project follows the Western Park Plan of 2015. I am happy to receive queries about this project, please flick me an email:

Te Wai Orea

Riparian Planting at the Lake side

To improve water quality, and in particular manage botulism and sediment within

the lake, emergent planting within the lake and riparian planting on the lake edge has been done. This planting will reduce access to the lake to discourage bird and eel feeding, and also reduce sediment run-off into the lake. Over a hundred people turned up to the lakeside planting. Thank you to conservation volunteers for promoting and organising this event.

Size of the plants

the below is taken from the Auckland Unitary Plan (page 4, paragraph 3, link [here]). PB ¾ and PB2 are what we are planting. The size of plants affects their ability to survive when planted out. Very small plants are less likely to survive, as their root system is not well established. Very large plants are also less likely to survive because of the physical conditions of most revegetation sites, including wind and salt exposure, extremes of conditions, drought and damp conditions. Larger plants take longer to establish extensive root system to anchor the plants and to provide nutrients for growth, often resulting in their being toppled over by wind or damaged; (b) based on the above, the most appropriate sizes for planting out are considered to be root trainers, PB3/4 or PB2s and PB5s.

Western Springs Forest

The pine trees have all been removed. The disturbance area has been mapped and estimated to be less 35 % of the forest. I believe there has been a mis understanding of the footprint of the Significant Ecological Area. The SEA is the whole of Te Wai Orea Lakeside Park not just the forest area. I had a private tour with staff of the area where the pine trees were removed and I am pretty amazed at how hard staff worked to minimise the impact of such large trees.

Two Hundred sentinel pine trees to have just disrupted a quarter of the forest is a good number. You can see in the images below how they mapped the felling towards the same direction.

The majority of the Pines were turned into mulch. Most of the Mulch has been removed from the site - the mulch will be re utilised for parks across Tamaki Makaurau. Mulch is a protective layer of bark that is placed on-top of soil to insulate it from dryness, warm the soil up, add nutrients or suppress weeds. A member of the community has requested I show you all the images of the mulch. These images are over month old and do not represent the current layout of the site. Never the less, the images can show the amount of mulch that is being treated and re utilised to help mitigate pest plants, protect trees, and can be used for walkways and tracks.

Wellpark Reserve

Throughout the past year, This reserve has had a huge amount of tender loving care, all led by Suzzane Kendrick supported by Urban Ark, Community Facilities and locals. There's been weeding, mulching, planting. Currently we are working on setting up a compost facility at the park for the weeds and for the community to use. Next up, a fruit orchard - this is just at its early stages and may probably get going next planting season.

Heard Park

The consultation of the future design of Heard Park has been extended as a request from The Parnell Community Committee. So we've extended the consultation period until Sunday 11 July 2021, closing at 11:59pm. The request of a revitalisation of the park has come as a request by the community. The making of this plan is supported by The Parnell Community Committee, Parnell Heritage and the Parnell Business Association. Some families have expressed their support in an improved play space for their children. I have been at the park recently enjoying Angus Muir's "mountain of light" exhibition sponsored by PBA and have noticed some signs that wish that the swing are kept.

Parnell gets 24-hour defibrillator

A joint community mission between Parnell Rotary and The Parnell Business Association has seen the successful installation of a 24-hour defibrillator installed at Heard Park in Parnell. The fundraising of this much need facility in Parnell has been in the pipeline for over two years and was made possible by the very generous funding by Parnell Rotary.

In spite of this alarming statistic, the majority of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are not accessible out of business hours, as most live in locked office buildings. The good news is that chances of surviving a cardiac arrest are increased by 40 per cent, if a defibrillator is used within five minutes. Situated next to the playground in Heard Park on the Plunket wall, the installation of this public-access AED, is open to the public 24/7, and can be used on both adults and children. A code to the combination lock is provided when a first responder calls ‘111’ and gives them the cabinet number and location. (Press Release from Parnell Business Association)

Fraser Park

Another Beautiful Park in Parnell has received a bit of love this month. Last term the Local Board targeted Parnell as an area that needs an increased tree canopy. This is all part of our Urban Ngahere Strategy. Fraser Park has new 25 Specimen trees, it was so good to see passionate locals work together with contractors in getting the trees planted. I learned a few new tricks when it comes to planting larger trees and the amount of care that they need to ensure their longevity. I met up with Jasmax a few months ago, they expressed their interest in having a type of fruit orchard in their neighbouring park. I am so stoked to let you all know we have some fruit trees in Fraser Park. Might have a signature fraser park plum jam made by locals in the not to distant future.

Shout out to Luke Nuie, John Wattersson two stellar locals that put in the hard yards and stuck around till the end.

Freemans Bay

Waiatarau Park is getting a new playground and the works are almost done. I have shared with you all before the amazing work Mark Van Kaathoven has done throughout the park. Mark has raised a couple of things that would make the space more enhanced, lights going down the board walk and a sign/plinth that explains what is being done in the park and the new methodologies that Mark has implemented such as - leaves are re used as mulch. Will be advocating for both on his behalf for the financial year.

Cox's Bay - Bayfield Park

I've connected a local resident with Urban Ark and they will start organising a friends of Cox's Bay group. The purpose of this group is to be Kaitiaki of the Reserve, Tackling pest plants and rodents as well as planning future plantings. I have also met onsite with another constituent this month to address the laneways and certain areas around the park. I have logged these areas and will talk about the park in a bit more detail next month when I get a clear idea of when the works of the bridge is due to be completed.

Home Street Reserve

The locals are calling Arch Hill the best little neighbourhood in the whole world, and I have to agree it sure is up there. I have been so touched by the unity and positivity Arch Hill residents have. The fence that was too low and had some balls go over to the neighbouring properties has made higher. There's amazing art work form two of my most fave artists Charles and Janine Williams and luckily we were able to fund another successful community-led event at the park. Matariki at Home Reserve was a HIT! Children everywhere playing basketball, having a bbq and parents having good yarns. They all sent their wishes to Hiwaiterangi (the wishing star). Pictures taken from a residents facebook post.

Outhwaite Park

The old playground has been removed . I quickly met up with staff on site this week to wish them the best on the renewal of the Playground. This playground was designed by the same designer that did the award winning Takapuna playground. To keep the heritage aspect of the park the playground equipment is made out of timber. below are the preliminary designs, these have been altered a little after boards feedback but the essence and style is maintained.

In terms of the consultation material - the left hand image is the map of the areas that were targeted to seek feedback of the renewal. We didn't get the biggest amount of feedback but in general there was a support for the renewal to proceed.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Renewals

Works are ongoing to replace furniture, fixtures and equipment across the Waitematā. Local Board area. Summary of sites:

• Western Springs

• Western Park

• Albert Park

• Myers Park

• Alberon Reserve

• Scarborough Reserve

• Mahuhu ki te Rangi

• Herne Bay and Westmere

• Point Erin

• Dove Myer

• CBD streetscape

• Ewelme Cottage

• Bayfield Park

• Meola Dog Reef

• Teed street

• Costley Reserve

Mug Library helping put Mugly & Grey Lynn 2030

I signed up to do Plastic Free July - I thought of getting behind one of my fave community groups and offer my spare time to help them achieve our Local Board outcomes. Grey Lynn 2030 and Mugly have joined forces to promote reuse of mugs instead of takeaway single use coffee cups.

Given that I have the ability to build things I built this Mug library Trolley. The Trolley was used in the recent Street Choir and it was a huge success. Mugly is in conversations with Kroad Business Association and hopefully well be able to have the trolley out on Kroad and at other BIDS promoting the initiative.

Defence Careers Recruiting Centre Auckland

The community in Arch Hill have throughout the years been asking Council to look into potential new green spaces. On the tenth on May David Batten a resident in Arch Hill wrote the following letter to the Prime Minister:

Rt Hon. Jacinda Ardern

MP Mount Albert electorate

Greetings Jacinda,

Earlier in the month, over the period of two days, a 150 year old Macrocarpa tree was cut down and removed from the Defence Force land on Great North Road, Auckland Central. It is acknowledged that the tree had been damaged over 20 years ago during a storm and since had been held together with two steel hawsers and that more recently the extent of rot led to the decision, purportedly on Health and Safety grounds, to remove the tree.

This iconic tree was not only a landmark situated on the highest point of Great North Road and visible along the Grey Lynn Ridge, but an integral part of our lives and history of our community. The current Defence Force land is on what was the original Newton West Primary School and Elam School of Fine Arts site. During discussion with Defence Force employees onsite it was somewhat apparent that they had no idea as to the age, history or significance of our tree and seemed genuinely mystified as to why some sort of reaching out to the local board, community organisations or media might have been appropriate to mark the trees demise.

In 2015 the Grey Lynn Residents Assn. embarked on a now almost completed community lead initiative; Reimagining Great North Road. One of the more important outcomes recognising the dearth of public space along the ridge was proposing the creation of a pocket park on the land in question. Unfortunately early on, we became aware that the condition of the tree precluded close public access. Despite some early informal discussion the Defence Force was equivocal in their then response as to our chances at commandeering the space or the future of the tree.

Of course now that the health and Safety concerns have evaporated we feel it is again appropriate to commence dialogue with yourself and the Defence Force as to the proposed future use of the site and make our intentions to lobby for at least public access but more importantly ceding of Defence Force ownership to Auckland Council ensuring public use in perpetuity.

A ‘not-to-scale’ site map with position of land in blue is below. We have sort the support of the Waitemata Local Board, Auckland Council via Councillor Pippa Coom and Minister of Defence, Hon. Ron Mark.

We are therefore requesting:

(1 Information as to the current proposed future use of the site by the Defence Force if any.

(2 Notification and advice of process as to how a community group could ensure the land has a public access future.

(3 Your support in our endeavour

The Grey Lynn Residents Assn. looks forward to further discussion and best wishes for the election.

Best regards,

David Batten

Grey Lynn Residents Assn

The Chair of the Local Board and myself have asked staff to help us investigate if this is a feasible option. My intention in sharing this letter is to support in principle what the community in Arch Hill wants.


Economic Development

Security is a massive issue around Waitematā. Anti social behaviour throughout all of our areas are increasing. More and more I am listening about scenarios such as stealing - armed robbery - vandalism - threatening behaviour. The Local Board had a meeting with the head constable of the area. Their suggestions is to work on crime prevention strategies on shop fronts and to always report any crime thats occurring around the area.

I have attended and given feedback on the three BID policy Review sessions. In general the BID's in Waitemata are pretty good and theres no signs of conflict of interest between BID managers and its members.

What's on this and Month in our Isthmus BIDs.

Click on their name and this will take you to their website.

Karangahape Business Association

the dawn blessing and the Karanga-A-Hape party were both so much fun. Special thanks to Luke for taking these epic pictures of these two events.

Parnell Business Association

The Angus Muir Mountain of Light is at Heard Park. Thanks to the Parnell Business Association for sponsoring the installation.

Ponsonby Business Association

I have attended Ponsonby's Business Associations monthly meeting. Viv has been in conversations with AT on the proposed Connected Communities Project that has taken over the Innovating streets project. I will have more information on timing and designs next month.

Newmarket Business Association

The Newmarket Business Awards was really special. I filled in for Graeme at the event as he has just had a new baby. My Highlight of the event was hearing from the owner of Route 66 and the knowledge and passion that he has for the area. Mark Knoff-Thomas has written a brilliant update of whats up in Newmarket :

Uptown Business Association

I coach swimming in the evenings and I sadly missed put on the latest CLG City Rail link event. My apologies for not being able to give you an update on that front.

Grey Lynn Business Association


Land Owner Approvals

  • Approval at Cremorne Street Reserve, Herne Bay

  • Approved Healthy waters Myers Park


Meetings / events attended

Please note that the residents that I have met up with do not wish to have their information shared publicly. Most of the log numbers I publish have made on behalf of the residents I've met with.

·6th June Local Board Workshop - Project WAVE - City Mission Dinner with Wahine - Catch up with Six / KrdChronicle

·7th June Ponsonby Business Association - Meeting with staff

·8th June Waitematā Local Board meeting - City Mission Dinner

·9th June Weeding Alberon Reserve - Read The Elected Members Code of Conduct

·10th June Ponsonby Business Association - Visit to no mow zone phone conversation with Wendy Grey - logging rubbish in Grey Lynn Park - Read the Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw 2013

·11th June Blessing of the Karangahape street scape Improvement - Auckland Domain Committee Run- through - Meeting with MP Chloe Swarbrick.

·12th June Planting in Western Springs Lakeside Park - Heard Park Consultation

·13th June Friends of Fukuoka Garden meeting at site - Wanganga weaving harakeke lilies From Vermont Reserve with Whaea Rose.

·14th June Read the Hydrology report Situation - Auckland Domain C0mmitee Business Meeting

·15th June Run through Parnell - logged leaves in Alberon reserve and Dove Myer Robinson on footpath - Waitematā Local Board Business Meeting - City Mission Volunteer

·18th June Newmarket Business Association Awards

·19th June Matariki Dawn Ceremony

·21sh June Te reo class - City Centre in Focus : City Centre Bus Plan - Ponsonby Road Innovating streets update

·22nd June Waitematā Local Board Meeting - Meeting with resident in Freemans Bay

·23rd June Meeting with resident In Grey Lynn - BID Policy Review

·24th June Galileo @ ASB Theatre

·25th June Central City Alcohol and Community Safety

·26th June Community Planting Day - Fraser Park Parnell & Wellpark Reserve

·28th June Meeting with Jacindas staff - Te Reo Class

·29th June Site Visit to Western Springs - Local Board Workshop - City Mission Dinners

·30th June AED Parnell Photoshoot - BIDs Policy Review - Workshop 2: "Managing Conflicts of Interest"

·1st July Conscious Consumers webinar -

·2nd July The official opening of Downtown Auckland - Hui: Model show and tell - SENT ON BEHALF OF AUCKLAND TRANSPORT - webinar AT Board of Directors final decision on the final RLTP

·4th July Street Choir - Matariki at Home Reserve

·5th July BIDs Policy Review - Workshop 3: "Board Charter" - te reo class

·6th July Waitemata Local Board Workshop

·7th July Friends of Fukuoka

·8th July Ponsonby Business Association - Meeting with Freemans Bay residents

·9th July WEBINAR: Natural and Built Environments Act Exposure Draft – what it means for local government


Disclosures I am a member of Hackland.


Recommendation That this report be received.

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