Board Member Christie Report September - October 2021

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Tēnā koutou.

Ko Adriana Avendaño Christie tōku ingoa.

He Mema au o te Poari ā-Rohe o Waitemata.

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti.

Pictures in this report taken by: Luke Mckeown.

Roles assigned by the local board

  • Portfolio lead of Parks Sports and Recreation

  • Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee.

  • Ponsonby Business Association – Council Support

  • St. Mary’s Bay Residents Association

  • Ports of Auckland Community Liaison Group

General / assigned roles update

  • General These are the words of the General Manager of Community Facilities, Taryn Crew. “Over the coming days, we will be working to reopen more of our public toilets and making some of our outdoor facilities available for use once again. With so many parks, this will take time so please do bear with us while we work through this. “Playgrounds, skateparks and basketball courts will reopen but we ask that people exercise common sense when out and about. “The government guidance is clear on this point: you should only mingle with one other household. If you can’t practice physical distancing around our playgrounds and other facilities, please don’t use them.” Auckland Council’s libraries, community venues, pools and leisure centres remain closed.

  • Auckland Domain Committee

The Domain Committee has approved the event of Urban Polo at Pukekawa. For those Polo lovers this will take place on the 12th of March, there is still time for you to buy your tickets: More information.

The Domain has been popular and not for the best reasons after the event that occurred on the 2nd of October. Days before the event, the organisers of the Freedom and Rights Coalition were sent a letter directed from our Chair stating the public health risk and clearly not permitting the event to take place. I fully endorse our chair and really do hope there are no repercussions after that unlawful protest.

These are some snaps of The Crescent road In the Domain there’s constant foot traffic and multi mobility use especially now during lockdown. I can’t wait until we have enough funding to be able to invest in some proper amenities for this part of the Domain.

Given that we can do picnics and gatherings during the new rules of Delta Level 3. I highly recommend you plan your visits to this beautiful spot. There’s plenty of lawn and space to relax and connect with friends and family. Please remember to keep your dogs on a lead. This is not an off-lead park.

  • Fred Hollow Lookout

Back in April I logged the rubbish that I’ve kept seeing on the cliff each on my regular dog walks through Dove Myer Robinson Park. Locals that live just across the lookout have shared with me that the noise of the drinking and the bottles being thrown over the cliff late at night has been a constant throughout the years.

Given that this land is also part of the land that is going through crown settlement it took a little bit of work to be able to find who was responsible for the maintenance of the cliff. I must thank Community Facilities for stepping in and getting on with the job.

  • Hobson Walkway

I used to live on Takutai street and every afternoon, if the tide wasn't in, I’d run to work at Kings Prep to coach swimming. My preferred route was through Hobson Walkway towards Thomas Bloodworth Park. Throughout the years I have noticed the significant neglect, broken steps, rubbish, locals doing their own repairs to still allow us locals to walk through. I have met up with locals that live just off Elam Street and Tohunga Crescent and Takutai street about the future of the walk way. I am very positive about the future of Hobson Bay; The Local Board has had an update recently from Community Facilities and they are costing out the repairs of the steps and mud paths. I have recently asked for the rubbish I’ve spotted on my walks to be collected.

I do have to be honest, an ongoing concern for me is the erosion of the coastal area. Coastal erosion is the loss of land due to coastal processes such as waves, currents, tides and storms. This erosion of the coast can also cause instability in the cliff slopes behind the coastline.

Coastal erosion and the related slope instability is a significant hazard that can present a safety risk, adversely affect property and infrastructure, and damage or destroy cultural and environmental sites. Over the next 100 years coastal erosion will greatly alter Auckland’s coastline, with far-reaching impacts on Auckland’s coastal communities and the infrastructure that supports them. Pictured below a piece of the cliff that rolled down the cliff during out walk.

  • Emily Place

Emily Place Reserve - a site of huge historic significance. 180 years ago Ngāti Whātua Chief Apihai Te Kawau made a gift exchange of 3K acres to the crown to ‘build’ a city. (That’s what I call vision and future proofing)

This location was originally called Te Rerenga-Ora-iti. The leaping place of a few survivors referring to old battles on this land. The reserve has its challenges- and over the years I’ve been receiving more complains of the anti-social behaviour that occurs in this park, as well as the state of the footpath, rubbish etc.

Good news is that the footpath renewal is on the work program. I’ve been and will continue to be advocating on behalf of City Centre Residents Group for some more tender loving care of the reserve.

  • Symonds Street Cemetery

The Symonds street cemetery toilet is currently being renovated. The roof is going through seismic strengthening. This work is expected to be done during this month October. Due to COVID Heritage week will be hard to organise, the official opening was meant to be during heritage week. Good to see this project done - it was last term when I was given the first briefing of the toilet.

  • Victoria Park

In a few months we will be enjoying a brand new greenway link addition to Victoria Park. Here are some snaps of what it looked before construction began.

  • Queen Street

The Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project will improve Queen Street for people by shaping a more vibrant, user friendly street environment that people want to spend time in. The project is part of a long-term transformation of Queen Street in line with the City Centre Master Plan’s (CCMP) Vision for the Wai Horotiu Queen Street Valley.

Over time, the CCMP sees Queen Street becoming a transit mall; an expansive level surface area with zero emissions, and a vibrant walking and shopping street where pedestrians and public transport have priority.

The Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project will deliver incremental changes to the street that move us towards this vision, by giving more priority to pedestrians and making network changes to remove unnecessary end-to-end through traffic.

The changes that will be delivered by this project we believe will be in place until the City Rail Link (CRL) is completed and pending a future design which might include light rail. We will be constructing in a way that doesn’t dig up the road and allows us to change and remove materials and re-purpose them for future works.

Please submit your feedback here:

Meetings / events attended

I've decided to not record my conversations with community members for their own privacy and respect.

17 Aug: COVID Injection jab 1 - Waitematā Local Board BUSINESS MEETING

23 Aug: pre-agenda meeting - Auckland Domain Committee meeting - Local Board Members' Forum

24 Aug: Waitematā Local Board workshop

26 Aug: Sector Update Forum - Karangahape Road CLG

27 Aug: FilmApp - Screen Auckland Familiarisation Session - Good Citizens Awards Meeting

31 Aug: IMPORTANT BRIEFING on the current Covid-19 situation - Waitematā Local Board workshop

2 Sep: Funding opportunities for sustainable projects

3 Sep: Central Hub Elected Member Discussion

6 Sep: IMPORTANT BRIEFING on the current Covid-19 situation - 3W hui with the YEM network - Local board briefing September 2021 - NPSUD: Policy 11- Minimum parking requirements.

7 Sep: Waitematā Local Board workshop

9 Sep: Meeting with MP Chlöe Swarbrick

13 Sep: Auckland Domain Committee meeting

14 Sep: Waitemata Local Board Meeting - IMPORTANT BRIEFING on the current Covid-19 situation

16 Sep: Wai Horotiu Queen Street Project - Invite to online session

17 Sep: INVITATION: Suffrage Day Virtual Event

20 Sep: Nexus training on new enhancements

21 Sep: IMPORTANT BRIEFING on the current Covid-19 situation - Waitemata Local Board workshop

23 Sep: Catch up with Richard Northey

24 Sep: Nexus training on new enhancements

26 Sep: Hospitality Rally – led by Andrew Roberts and Jaime from Hospitality NZ

27 Sep: Discussion on priorities with regard any spare LDI capex - Annual Budget 2022/2023 - Finance Briefing: Process overview, proposed topics & financial context

28 Sep: IMPORTANT BRIEFING on the current Covid-19 situation - ALL EMs and IMSB - Quarterly mana whenua hui - Waitematā Local Board

1 Oct: Wellbeing in uncertain times - Annual Budget 2022/2023 - Finance Briefing: Waste

4 Oct: Local board briefing October 2021 - Managing our Wetlands

5 Oct: COVID Vaccine 2 - Regional Streets for People - EOI Webinar - Resilient Buildings project - Auckland Focus Group - Part 1

6 Oct: City Centre in Focus: A connected, accessible and thriving city

7 Oct: Ponsonby Business Association Meeting - Resilient Buildings project - Auckland Focus Group - Part 2

Conferences / member development

  • I have attended Parnell Business Association Sustainability Seminar Webinar: Funding opportunities for sustainable projects.


  • I am a member of Hackland. (paid)

  • I give away furniture I build from recycled pallets to help community groups that need it.

  • I am a member of Bike Parnell. (non paid) I am a paid member of the Green Party.


That this report be received.

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