Tena koutou. Ko Adriana Christie toku ingoa.

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

He Mema au o te Poari ā-Rohe o Waitematā.

Koinei taku ripoata mahi marama.

May - June 2021

Pictures in this report taken by: Luke Mckeown

Role Update/made into a Content Table.

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti

(Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee)

Park Sports & Rec.

Hakanoa Reserve

Heard Park

Waiatarau Park

Victoria Park

Outhwaite Park

Dove Myer Robinson Park

Liberate the laneRally @ Point Erin

Cox's Bay to Wharf Rd Greenway

Te Wai Orea

Open Space Furniture renewals

Renew Amenity Lighting

Economic Development (2ic)





Grey Lynn

Ports of Auckland Community Liaison Group

Landowner Approvals

Meetings Events I attended


General/Assigned Roles Update

Ko au te Heamana Tuarua mō te Pukekawa Komiti

(Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee)

AIM Services started the physical works for the cricket wickets upgrade project stage one in early October 2020 with completion at the end of December 2020; Stage 2 of the works was delivered in April 2021 and has created a consistent surface on the sports field surfaces.

Returning a loaned marble statue from the Domain gardens to the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki seeks to exhibit the marble sculpture Cyparissus of 1822 by Francesco Pozzi in an exhibition due to open on 4 September 2021. This sculpture, which is part of the James Tannock Mackelvie collection held at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, is currently displayed outdoors near the Wintergarden as part of an unofficial loan dating to the 1920s. In this unprotected location the sculpture is climbed on, resulting in losses and damage. The restorations undertaken by a sculpture specialist deteriorate in the outdoor conditions and require to be regularly re-done. The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, with the formal approval of the Mackelvie Trust, therefore, plans to relocate the sculpture to the studio of an independent specialist conservator (Ana Machado) for (costly) treatment prior to display in the exhibition Manpower: Myths of Masculinity (4 September 2021-15 June 2022). It is then planned to retain the sculpture as part of the gallery sculpture collection.

Auckland Council Public Art Collection

Marble statue of a hunter cradling a dead or dying doe. As Romans had copied ancient Greek sculpture, the 19th century European collectors avidly seeking classical works for exhibition and homes caused resurgence in the industry of copies of sculpture. Casts were made of well-known works from antiquity (such as the copy of Michelangelo’s Moses in Myers Park) and later works were copied with sufficient faithfulness by their studios as to be attributed as the work of the sculptor. The original of Francesco Pozzi’s work Cyparissus was sculpted around 1822 and the artist’s Florence studio was responsible for creating copies, one of which found its way into the collection of James Mackelvie. Pozzi’s studio produced ecclesiastical architectural works as well as studies that appealed to Grand Tourists. Mackelvie was a Glaswegian Scot who had lived in Auckland from 1865 until 1871. He was one of the original council members of the Auckland Institute, which later became the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

With his fortune made from land speculation and gold mining investments he returned to London and put together an art collection then sent it as a gift to Auckland in a number of consignments from 1876. Eventually his gifting amounted to 140 artworks, objects and furniture and formed the basis of the Mackelvie Trust Collection. Cyparissus was gifted in 1884. The Trust continues to add to the collection that is principally housed in the Auckland Museum, the Art Gallery and the Public Library. Cyparissus, sits alone on a terrace that is the entrance to the Wintergarden complex, however his siting is absolutely sympathetic when one considers the trees that edge the terrace – cypresses. The subject of the sculpture is from Greek mythology where the god Apollo gifted a tame deer to the young boy Cyparissus, who accidently killed it. In his grief the boy asked Apollo to let his tears fall forever, so the god turned the boy into a cypress tree.

The tree has traditionally represented mourning and grief; its sap forms tear-like droplets on the trunk. The sculpture, in white marble, was probably moved to the Wintergarden site after completion of the original tropical and temperate houses in the 1920s and 30s, to join other marble sculptures gifted by another benefactor, William Elliot, or possibly as late 1954 when the ornamental pool between the houses was remodelled. Additionally making the siting of Cyparissus relevant is the fact that Mackelvie made his money from gold mining investments and that the Wintergardens were originally started with funds from the successful Industrial, Agricultural and Mining Exhibition of 1913-1914 held on the same site.

Artist: Francesco Pozzi, Unknown Italian, European,

Title: Cyparissus

Date: Circa 1822

Media and Materials: marble on concrete base

Size: H 1090 x W 650 x D 1000mm


Parks, Sports, & Recreation

Hakanoa Reserve

Moments like these are the most memorable for me. Community-led planting days are effective community engagement tools. When I showed up to site, a community member referred to an Auckland Council staff member as an instrumental piece to the whole success of the day. I hope we have more of these experiences. This group reached out to Pippa, through her the group was guided to the right team.

250 assorted native species were planted. I planted 10 pb3 natives, was taught the Waiheke style of planting, and found the juiciest worms while I was at it. Had a lovely chat to Emma, the new kaitiaki of The Pollinator Park. She gave me a little tour around the little new community additions like, the hidden meeting point. Let me know if you find it when you next visit.

Please contact me if you would like to do the same in your local park.

Pictures taken by Luke McKeown.

Heard Park

The purpose of the Heard Park Concept Plan is to provide a holistic design for the park. The plan will build on works and planning already undertaken. The design will be driven by community needs and aspirations. The designs will promote the Parnell town centre, of which Heard Park is the heart.

The Parnell Plan says there is an opportunity for Heard Park in Parnell Road to become even more of a lively central park space for the town centre area and for Parnell.

As Parnell grows we will need to ensure that community facilities provide excellent services and are able to meet people’s needs throughout the phases of their lives – providing for both younger and older people will be key to this. Looking forward, we will need to make the most of technology and innovative ideas to make community facilities more useful and relevant to a diverse population.

I attended the stake holder meeting, took notes of the comments of feedback. Good points were raised. I feel this concept plan needs to be shared around as I would like for the greater community to have their say. This will be the link to the online form. akhaveyoursay.nz/heard-park . Feedback closes on the 7th July.

Luke took this picture of me in the park a bit over a year ago. I've have spent my fair share of time at this park over the years. I grew fond of it as it was the little peaceful haven in the busy strip of shops. The Parnell Plan had consulted with stakeholders such as Parnell Heritage and the Parnell Community Committee.

Victoria Park

The road of Halsey street into the park and the car park are going to be re-done. The proposed design has the following benefits.

- Health and Safety Improvements like the separation of pedestrians / multi nodal use, control of vehicle movement, and provides formalised pedestrian path from Fanshawe Street

- Rationalises parking areas, in specific club & public parking areas, net increase of 1x park, accessible parking created x 2 , drainage improvements

- Simplifies site Security - fewer gates replace lockable bollards

It's a hard decision ahead as maybe what suits one group of people is a bit less fortunate to another. This project is also connected with revitalising the heritage aspect of the park. The red foot path would continue around the field to connect to the other side. This would be hugely beneficial for all the users of the park as the current desire line is narrow and muddy.

Dove Myer Robinson

I am not informed through my role in council what is going on with the proposed and approved Erebus Memorial. I Iive down the road, and when I walk my dogs I go down to Judges Bay every now and then and walk up and visit the protestors. I've had the chance to listen to Dame Naida's opinions, and others too. I am aware of the 11,000+ signatures on the protestors website and Motat's proposal to be an alternative option.

Last week, this was presented to cabinet, rumour from the occupiers is that Motat is not prestigious enough. Even though this project is on park land, it's a project lead by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. I understand there are mixed emotions and opinions on the matter I am happy to listen in, but I can't make any changes on the matter.

Waiatarau Park

Mark van Kaathoven is the main Kaitiaki of the space. He has plugged in endless hours to this space for free. Mark has asked me to ensure that the Freemans Bay storm water project has set guidelines to protect his efforts when they undertake their works and re-do the footpaths around the berms and park.

The images below are just an example of how incredibly generous Mark has been to the

Liberate the lane Rally @ Point Erin Park

This was a memorable day. I attended the rally. I did not partake in the civil disobedience and cross the bridge. A policeman asked me not to, so I listened.

I guess the fortune of attending the event is that the toilets got blocked and I was able to get some urgent assistance : log 8110405489. The rally itself was a huge eye opener in terms of the amount of passionate people all ages and sizes who want to see safe cycling lanes across our city. David Slack & Pippa 's speeches were very clear that this is not a war on cars. David has written a brilliant piece on the "Cycle Terror Attack".

Pippa nicely phrased it on the day. "The cars are fine. This is about lower emissions, less traffic, more transport choice, cleaner air, cheaper transport options, healthier communities and make making commuting fun!" This is Pippa's speech.

Chlöe wrote this brilliant article about change.

Riding a bike will Reduce carbon emissions – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a car driving an average of 12,500 miles per year will expend 11,450 pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s nearly one pound of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for CO2 trash global warming, for every mile driven. If you choose to ride your bike to work just one day a week, you can reduce your contribution to CO2.

Outhwaite Park

Outhwaite Park- Renewal of the playground and carpark . Physical works tender was issued in early April 2021, tenders close 6 May 2021 and tender evaluation process started in mid May 2021. Here's some renders supplied by Community Facilities.

Cox's Bay to Wharf Rd Greenway- Renewal of Paths and Bridges Project

Physical works tender was issued in early April 2021, tenders close 12 May 2021 and tender evaluation process starts in mid May 2021. The project is to create a new link and extension to the existing Grey Lynn Greenway Path, which is a safe walking and cycling route from Grey Lynn Park to Cox’s Bay Reserve.

The improvements will provide an accessible pathway, encouraging walking and cycling through the community. These works will upgrade the existing path to a 2.5m wide shared path connection between Wharf Road and Cox’s Bay Reserve via Bayfield Reserve and to provide an alternative east-west link to the dangerous West End Road hill.

The project provides connection between Cox’s Bay Reserve and Wharf Road, Ponsonby, as well as links to Bayfield Reserve and Hukanui Reserve. Scope of Works: The works have been broken up into five stages, which have been grouped into two separable portions (SP). These are as described in the plan.

Cox's Bay Pathway Renewal- Parawai Section Project

In 2016 sections of Cox’s Bay Reserve walkways were programmed for renewal. The current path is constructed partially on neighbouring resident's property. Boundary relocation and purchase of some land at No.6 Parawai Place allows the path to remain on council-owned land -as per the survey plan attached.

Scope of works: Upgrade the existing asphalt path to a concrete surface. This last 55m section of path is all that remains to be renewed /widened on the Cox’s Bay (Richmond Road to West End Road) shared path.

Te Wai Orea

Western Springs Native Bush Restoration Project. Waitematā Local Board will return an area in Western Springs Park to native forest, providing an improved ecosystem for indigenous flora and fauna.

About the Te Wai Orea Native Bush Restoration Project

This project aims to enhance the ecological and amenity value of Western SpringPark. It will return the exotic pine dominated vegetation to native bush by planting trees including: kauri / pūriri / taraire / tānekahe. The native bush will provide an important habitat for a range of wildlife including our native tui, grey warbler and silvereye. The project is expected to take around two months.

This picture of the pedestrian track was taken by a contractor the first week of June.

Restoring native bush in Western Springs

In 2015 the Waitematā Local Board approved the commencement of the ‘Western Springs Native Bush Restoration’ project. The intent of the project was to undertake a programme of pine removal and native tree replanting over the next three years. This was to meet the objective of the Western Springs Lakeside Park Plan and to remove the risk to public safety and adjacent properties.

Resource consent and decision to proceed with works

A resource consent was granted in September 2019 to remove the stand of pine trees. In January 2020, the Waitematā Local Board Chair requested that the decision to proceed with the removal of the whole stand of pine trees under the resource consent be brought before the local board.

These are the documents that were provided on the website :

Download • 121KB
Download • 158KB
Download • 129KB
Download • 139KB
Download • 139KB
Download • 116KB
Download • 118KB

you may find more information on the tree works at its past public documents here on Te Wai Orea official website.

Latest Update - Te Wai Orea Forest

The next stages are site reinstatements, site preparation for planting, pedestrian track renewal , next month planting. It's estimated that the site is reopened to the public the week starting the 26 of July.

7,700 plants are scheduled for planting this year, The list of species , sizes and quantities can be found online on project website. The ratio quantity is 24% shrub, 15% grass, 61% tree.

Planting event

When we passed the Western Springs Development Plan, part pf the resolution was to do some riparian planting on the sides of the lake. On the 12th of June we will be planting at Western Springs. This will help improve the water quality of the lake, and to provide food and habitat for our native species. Planting will go from 10am-12pm followed by a free sausage sizzle!

The Fukuoka Friendship Garden

Some promising news: it may be possible for the Friends of the Fukuoka Friendship Garden to take over the development and care of the garden. This could be a welcome way forward to progress the garden and lift it up a level. There has been a bit of push back on a like for like renewal, but luckily Lee Elliot and others have taken the initiative and started a working group.

Any new arrangement would be supported by the council's contract or supplying materials. However, the overall direction of development and maintenance would become the sole responsibility of the community group, supplemented by advice from Fukuoka City as appropriate. Are you interested in joining a team of local volunteers to help the Fukuoka Friendship Garden get on track? For further information please contact:

Lee Elliot M: 021-147-9282 E: lf.elliott@icloud.com

Date: Sunday, 13th June Time: 9:30 am

Venue: The Fukuoka Friendship Garden, Te Wai Orea/Western Springs Lakeside Park

Waitematā – Renew Amenity Lighting

Following asset condition assessments completed in late 2020, lighting assets have been renewed across multiple sites within the Waitematā Local Board area. In most instances, this consisted of painting the existing poles and upgrading the fittings to LED/energy efficient.

These sites were:

Victoria Park sports lighting

Nga Oho Reserve

Basque Park

Dacre Reserve

Western Park

Brown Reserve

Norfolk Reserve

Tole Reserve

Costley Reserve

St. Mary’s Reserve

Herne Bay Beach

Cox’s Bay Esplanade

Cox’s Bay Reserve

Grey Lynn Park

Archill Scenic Reserve

Western Springs

Seddon Fields

Open Space Furniture renewals

Community Facilities have given a notice of works for the following furniture fixings etc.

Te Wai Orea: (Picnic set and concrete pad x 4, Seat and concrete pad x 1, New timber post & rail fence x 250 metres)

Western Park: (Refurbish existing wrought iron picnic sets. Replace cracked concrete pads, retain where fit for purpose x 8, Replace missing picnic set seats (relocate 1 seat from Bayfield Park), Replace 300x300mm timber bollard x 5)

Albert Park: (New seat x 1)

Myers Park: (New seat x 1)

Alberon/Scarborough Reserve: ( Rubbish bins x 3, Picnic set and concrete pad x 2, Seat and concrete pad x 1)

Mahuhu ki te Rangi Park: ( Rubbish bins x 5)

Herne Bay and Westmere: Picnic set and concrete pad x 1, Seat and concrete pad x 1, 150 x 150mm timber bollard x 1 ,Rubbish bins x 55,Replace timber fence x 50 metres )

Point Erin Park: ( Picnic set and concrete pad x 3, Seat and concrete pad x 7, Timber bollards x 45, Rubbish bins x 10 )

Dove Myer Park: (New seat, retain concrete pad x 3, Replace timber slats on circular seats around trees, re-use existing sub-structure )

City Center streetscape: ( New rubber guards for recycle bins x 115)

Ewelme Cottage: (Replace existing timber gates)

Bayfield Park: (Picnic set and concrete pad x 2, Repair wrought iron gate)

Meola Reef: (Replace wire perimeter fence x 200 metres)

Teed Street: (Replace timber circular slatted seat, re-use existing sub-structure )

Costley Reserve: (Replace damaged sections of concrete footpath x 60 metres, 150 x 150mm timber bollards x 40, Rubbish bins x 2)


Logged Issues

Transport related issues.

  • St Patricks Square Illegal parking : CAF- 363329 - H6GP0

  • Victoria Park Ilegal Parking : CAS - 369089 - C5N8G2

Constitutional Hill Parking Issues: There is already a by law in place. Signs and yellow are being installed and so parking officers may start enforcing. I really hope this solves this issue as I have had a lot of complaint of this on twitter.

Residential Parking Scheme in Herne Bay: Theres a high occupancy of 90% on some streets. Commuters have been allowed to park in Herne Bay but its sparking a lot of tension. This may be an opportunity to solve this issue - Public consultation is next.


Economic Development

A review of the Business Improvement District (BID) Policy

(2016) (Hōtaka ā-Rohe Whakapiki Pakihi) will be undertaken in 2021. In specific it's a planned review of the Business Improvement District (BID) Policy (2016)

and its operating standards.

Next steps with this review:

- The BID programme team will present the 2021 BID Policy version 1 and support documents to the Finance and Performance Committee workshop on 4 August 2021

- Local board workshops will be held in May and June, followed by a business report

accompanied by the draft policy for formal feedback in September 2021

- The 2021 Business Improvement District (BID) Policy and support documents will be

considered at the Finance and Performance Committee meeting on 9 December 2021

- Once approved, the 2021 Auckland Council Business Improvement District (BID) Policy and supporting documents will become operative on 1 July 2022

What's on this and Month in our Isthmus BIDs.

Click on their name and this will take you to their website.

Karangahape Business Association

TE KARANGA A HAPE Saturday 26 June 2021 ( 3pm to 8pm )Save-the-date. On Saturday 26th June, everyone is invited to celebrate Matariki, and launch the fresh look of Karangahape Road, but still with all the creativity diversity, uniqueness and built history we will forever strive to keep.

Parnell Business Association

Parnell Business Association is running some fantastic Sustainability Webinars for their members. They are full of rich useful information, speakers are leading experts in their field. I left motivated and so stoked to see a business association influencing and leading positive change.

I also had the chance to be on Viva's Collab with the Parnell Business Association. It was called Take a Seat in Parnell | Adriana Avendaño Christie and Josh Lee and Joshua Jang.

Ponsonby Business Association

Innovating streets update: We have had a great response with 2’769 votes on the concepts, from a combination of Social Pinpoint, on street interviews, and a survey of businesses.

AT is committed to delivering the project, but it will now be after July 1 2021.

Newmarket Business Association

I'll be attending the Newmarket Business Awards this year. The entries for 2021 Newmarket Business Awards nominations closed in May. It's a black tie event will be held on the 18th of June.

Uptown Business Association

Meet Mark Derby, the author of 'Rock College: An unofficial history of Mount Eden Prison', at this free Uptown event. Grim, Victorian, and notorious for 150 years, the Mount Eden Prison held both New Zealand's political prisoners and its most infamous criminals. Its interior has been the scene of mass riots, daring escapes and hangings. Tue, 15 June 2021 (5:30 PM – 7:00 PM NZST)

Entrance to the venue for the night is next to the French Cafe on Symonds Street. Light refreshments will be provided. Come and hear Mark talk about this iconic place in Uptown, for a fascinating night of local history not to be missed.

Grey Lynn Business Association

Business Accelerator Event with Phil Walters METALBIRD, hosted by Malt Bar. 24 Jun, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Auckland, 442 Richmond Road.

I would also like to bring to your attention the current news on Auckland Transport (AT) proposing to make a section of Great North Road (between Crummer Road and Ponsonby Road) safer for all road users, especially people walking and on bikes, make bus journeys more reliable, and help reduce congestion along the route.

The Grey Lynn Residents association has proposed a brilliant solution. Let's hope we find some common agreements. What is most important for me is that the residents feel that they have been heard.


Land Owner Approvals

Land owner approval - Seddon Field - approved.

Land owner approval - Myers Park - approved


Meetings / events attended

·9th May Grey Lynn Farmers Market - Hakanoa Reserve Planting Day - David Seymour's street meeting - Colombia's peaceful protest at Aotea Square.

·10th May Tour of the City Center Downtown projects

·11th May Local Board Workshop - Heard Park Stakeholder meeting

·12th May City Mission Karakia 8:30 am - Finance & Performance Committee

·13th May Auckland Writers Festival Gala Opening

·14th May Meeting with Abe from the C* Museum

·17th May Introduction to Te Reo - Auckland Domain Committee Workshop - Ports of Auckland Herald Premium Debate

·18th May Waiōrea Community Recycling Centre Blessing - Meeting with the Grafton Cricket Club - Local Board Business Meeting

·19th May City Centre in Focus : City Centre Public Art Plan

·21st May New Zealand Opera's Open Day

·24th May Te Reo Maori Class

Fire Plan Consultation Presentation_AKL
Download • 1.55MB

·25th May Mulching Trees Auckland Domain - Waitemata Local Board Workshop - Tree protection community group

·26th May Interview on Vic Park with Stuff.co.nz

·27th May Meeting with Catherine Motorhead - Giselle Ballet

·28th May Richmond Rovers Grey Lynn Park Issues

·30th May Bike Grey Lynn Romulus and Remus - Liberate the Lane at Point erin Park - Visited, Meola Reef Dog Park

·30th May Te reo class - City Centre Advisory Group

·1st June Waitemata workshop - Volunteering at City Mission.

·2nd June Meeting with Constituents in Freemans Bay talking about the storm water project.

·3rd June Meeting with Constituents in Parnell discussing Hobson Bay.

·4th June Western Springs Governance Meeting - Imaginarium Gallery Open @ Auckland Museum.

·5th June City Centre Markets - Splice Arbour Day Celebration @ Ellen Melville Centre


Disclosures I am a member of Hackland, I will be paying $25 a week starting the 21st of April.


Recommendation That this report be received.

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