Home street Playground renewal

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The long awaited Playground in Arch Hill is now completed. Yay!

I was Going through the previous chair reports. Shale Chambers in October 2014 wrote that Home street Playground among others, are scheduled for replacement. The Board will be determining its priorities on these many projects as part of the 2014/15 Local Board Agreement and budget decisions.

Both Pippa Coom and Vernon Tava, noted on their reports that a concept design was presented at Local Board workshops. This project did not take flight as the design of the project was out of budget.

In 2018, I was kindly invited to a residents house as the of Arch Hill community wanted to meet me and highlight the need of a playground. I met a few families that evening with their children.

These were notes I took on my phone that eve were the following :

- Safety is a big concern as the bushes made the area very enclosed.

- The concrete on the half basketball court was not in mint conditions either.

- Play equipment is for 'babies'.

- Its not inviting for community gatherings.

The Local Board every year goes through a work program prioritisation. When the time came to discuss playgrounds, all City Vision elected members asked for Home street reserve to be a priority project.

So the process began, Financial Year 2018/2019 was the investigation and design "consultation" began. Personally, I took some learnings from that consultation methodology and will make sure through social media and this platform I can help create a greater reach of engagement.

The playground itself is costed at $375,000.00. The local board that year allocated LDI capex of $125,000, there's a very discretionary amount of LDI Budget. Allocating that amount was to both show the community we were invested as a Board to deliver a enhanced playground, not just a like for like renewal.

The new design is fit for all ages, has higher visibility through the park, a new water tower feature, and a new basketball court.

Below is the actual concept layout of the playground in further detail.

In summary, renewal of the play-space, basket ball court, all gardens, fencing and hard surfaces in the reserve, including pathways, car turning area and passive amenity areas.

Credit Photos to Luke McKeown.

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