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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

March - April 2021

Kia Ora,

I don't think board reports at the back of lengthy agendas are successfully reaching you. Ideally, with blog posts, a monthly video, and written updates, you will be more aware of what's happening in Waitematā.

Roles assigned by the local board

· Park Sports & Rec (Yes, like the TV show).

· Economic Development (2ic)

· Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee

· Ponsonby Business Association

· St Marys Resident Association

· Landowner Approvals

General/Assigned Roles Update:

Ponsonby Business Association

Around 15,000 people attended The Pride Parade with the Local board sponsoring some child friendly activities, like the face painting. I was invited to the Opening where Adrian from Ngati Whatua Orakei did the most beautiful karakia in honour of the pride community.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again next year! If you attended The Pride Parade and would like to share some thoughts on your experience, please fill out this survey.

Innovating Streets for people in Ponsonby road is about to be revealed soon. Full disclaimer: I am a fan of the Barnes Dance Crossing idea. I have also received a request from the attendees of the group in regards to Collingwood Street.

Eat Drink Love Ponsonby is soon to start in the Month of May. If you are a foodie and would like to try out all the new eateries that are in Ponsonby please join the fun.

Disclaimer: I've provided the Business Association with information on the Unitary Plan change 60.

Parks Sports & Rec

The following are parks projects I have been working on with the greater community in the past month.

#NorfolkReserve Residents living around the reserve are interested in starting up a community garden and getting some more plants in their local park. The Heritage lights are due to be renewed.

#AlbertParkCottage There have been some imaginative styles of parking within Albert Park close to the Cottage. Auckland Transport is able to enforce cars from parking on public spaces; similar issue below.

#ConstitutionHill Parking issues in the park. Here's the story trail on twitter; Auckland Transport and Auckland Council are still deciding on what to do with the car party. This is my case number CAS-331872-H5X7C0.

#Cox’sBay Concerns of community members off Kingsley Street: weeds growing over the trees; rubbish under the trees that has been there for months; and Footpath needs repairing. I have logged these Issues on behalf of a constituent that lives in Kingsley street. Log Numbers: 8110392160 / 8110392151.

Footpath is due to be renewed.

This has begun an incredible opportunity in collaboration with UrbanArk for placing weeding and predator traps around Cox's Bay.

#ScarboroughReserve Parnell residents and businesses have asked if the reserve would work as a new 'no mow' initiative. Hopefully we may be able to expand this community-led initiative. I am interested in supporting Bruce Copeland and Wendy Grey in doing the same format from Grey Lynn Park in Scarborough - looking forward to hearing staff's feedback.

#JudgesBay Thank you Annie Coney, Amy Klitscher & Emma for being part of our little clean up session in Judges Bay. We found lots of glass bottles under the trees and through the bush. I will keep encouraging contractors to have a look through the bushes for rubbish.

#GreyLynnPark Two requests, one is planting around the changing rooms and the second came directly from Richmond Rovers, which is mainly to ensure field lights are ready for League season starting this weekend.

#HomeStreetReserve Kate O'Neil did such an incredible job in organising the community's celebration of the new playground in Arch Hill. It was an honour for me to attend talk to the residents and to cut the cake.

Pictures provided by playground organiser, local , and mother. Below are some quotes of the Whanau and Rangatahi from Arch Hill about the playground.

My Kids (Girls 9 & 6) love the new playground & upgraded Bball hoop. We have lived in Home St all of our lives & frequented the old Home Reserve often. My eldest daughter plays basketball for Newton and especially appreciates the new hoop. Nick, Leisa, Maemi & Lola – Home Street

Thank you so much for this beautiful play space. We live on the Street and are so excited to have it open. Our girls will enjoy this for years to come. Miss 7 got her first basketball for xmas! Claire – Home Street

So wonderful to see this space revitalised after such a long time! It has been transformed from a run-down and unsafe play area to a welcoming and open and vibrant one. Just what our community needs! We’ve spent many afternoons here already. Thanks! Pia – Commercial Rd.

Thank you so much for this beautiful place for our kids to come and enjoy themselves. This very spot is a favourite of my family growing up, so it’s food that our kids can enjoy intas well. Great work. Lilie – Dean Street

LOVE IT! I live on Home Street. So glad to have a new hoop with a net! I’ll be coming back for sure. Max, 28.

It’s great to see the old girl refurbished & given a new lease of life – well done Council! Lovely community facility and meeting spot for the locals. Lucie & Kids.

“I like the basketball hoop, cause I can ask our neighbours to meet us there to play” Isla, 8

#GraftonCricketClub It's been a very nice experience building a relationship with the club and the Cricket Association. I have to really thank my Parks Sports and Rec. staff for being so responsive to help fulfil the needs of the Club. This year our laneway through Victoria Park will be completed.

#WesternSpringPlayground 17th of April is the Official Opening of the new playground in Western Springs. Hope to see you there.

offical playground invitation
Playground Invitation

#FrancisReserve the playground had some sheets of plywood around its equipment residents on Francis street alerted me to this issue. The good news is this playground is going through maintenance this year.

#OuthwaitePark Grafton will finally have a new playground. I am particularly excited about this one as the designer of the award winning playground in Takapuna is the one leading this project.

#WellparkReserve Urban Ark together with residents that live around Wellpark Reserve have done their third weeding session. Also, very happy to inform you all there's a planting day locked in for Wellpark. The Wellparkers have been informed. Let me know if you are interested in joining in.

#AlberonReserve Bananas & Taros have taken over a corner of the park. I have reached out to the Parnell community committee to potentially work on a plan document for Alberon Reserve now that it is officially a reserve as of last year.

Economic Development

Being involved in this portfolio is tricky, Nevertheless, I endeavour to be supportive of the BID's particularly in the Isthmus area where last term we launched the Local Economic Action Plan.

The Grey Lynn Business Association is seeking support from the local board to fulfil a survey. This survey will help signing up as a business improvement district. This brings HUGE benefits to the area as that creates a formal structure for businesses.

Last term, I was supportive of Uptown's BID Expansion. This has benefited the area so much they have a strong brand and a growing economy with new shops around. A BID programme is a local economic development initiative run by a business association in partnership with us.

A BID is a specified commercial area - town centre, industrial area, or a combination - designated for a targeted rate, with boundaries agreed by the local board and business association.

What's on Next Month


Eat drink Love Ponsonby coming up next month. This is an exciting opportunity to try out the new restaurants that are in Ponsonby.


The new website, is looking so snazzy!

Thursday 6th May 2021 It's getting bigger and better every first Thursday of the month, Karangahape Hour is now Auckland's monthly event not to be missed.


* Karangahape Market, around Beresford Square by Alpha Market KRD

* Speed Networking for Musicians at Naked PR.

* Live music at Pocket Park.

* Live music in-store at Flying Out.

* Mixed Bag exhibition & pop up bar at The Mercury Plaza.

* The Manager's office - 80's pop-up bar at Monster Valley.

Karangahape Hour is supported by Link Alliance.


Inspiring change in practical ways through sustainability seminars.

The first webinar is on the 6th May, at 9:00 A.M.:



The Future of Uptown... What's on the horizon?

Come along to our Uptown community event and contribute your thoughts to shape our future.

The City Rail Link station opening in 2024 will make Uptown more accessible and reshape the area. Around the station 100,000 sq metres of land will be made available for development.


Business Accelerator Event GREAT North Road

Speakers from Auckland Transport explain their vision for Great North Road and take on community concerns. This is a joint meeting hosted by affected residents and GLA - its an opportunity to provide direct feed back as well as express your views as part of a community wide project.

Land Owner Approvals

· Wastewater infrastructure at St Mary's Bay - Approved.

· Newmarket Square Sticker Trail - Extension Granted.

· To connect underground infrastructure within Cox's Bay Reserve - Approved.

· Feedback to the 24 Nicholls Lane related to the Parnell railway station underpass. (northern end)

Meetings / events attended

·8th March Auckland Domain Committee

·9th March Local Board Workshop - Long Term Plan Hearings

·10th March Grafton Cricket Club - Carpark and Laneway Project concerns

·11th March Ponsonby Business Association Long Term Plan - Meeting with Parnell

Business Association and Parnell Community Committee and Edible Earth - Meeting Wilding Initiatives Bruce and Wendy Grey at Scarborough Reserve

·16th March Local Board Business Meeting

·17th March Tour By the Zoo - Take a seat Parnell - Catch Up with Parnell Business


·19th March Alcohol Bylaw Submission - UoA CDAM Lab Visit - community garden

meeting with Resident of Kaianga Ora Flats in Parnell

·23th March Local Board Workshop - Meeting with CLG group

·24th March Meeting with Freemans Bay Resident Association - meeting with Mark

van Kaathoven’s inner-city garden.

·25th March Karangahape Crossing Blessing Meeting with Chair - Community Home

street Playground Opening

·26th March Karangahape Crossing Dawn Blessing

·27th March Pride Parade - Official Opening event and Parade

·29th March Meeting Constituent at Constitutional Hill - Central Citizenship Ceremony

·30th March Local Board Workshop - Grey Lynn Business Association Meet Chlöe


·1st April Judges Bay Beach Clean up with Anne Coney & Amy Kilchester and her

friend Emma - Western Springs Native Bush Restoration Governance Group Meeting

·5th April Chief Post Office

·7th April Jewish Holocaust Ceremony

·8th April PBA meeting - Coffee with Parnell constituent - Green drinks Hosted

by The Parnell Business Association at Jasmax.

·9th April Un Youth Meet Waitematā Local Board Office - School Strike - Cox's Bay

Urban Ark set up

·10th April Well park Reserve Community weeding day - Repair Cafe (my Bikes)

.11th April Bookashi & Cold Composting Workshop - Newton Central

·13th April Local Board Workshop

·14th April Leasing with Sports Facilities ,Adrienne Grace - schools and volunteering regeneration for Te Wai Orea.

·15th April Grey Lynn Park Festival Trust


I have the intention to be a member of Hackland, I will be paying 25/ a week starting the 21st of April.


That this report be received.

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