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Updated: May 9, 2021

April - May 2021

Roles assigned by the local board · Park Sports & Rec (Yes, like the TV show). · Economic Development (2ic) · Deputy Chair of the Auckland Domain Committee

· Ports of Auckland Committee · Ponsonby Business Association · St Marys Resident Association · Landowner Approvals

General/Assigned Roles Update: #AnzacDay Here is some images of both the Dawn Ceremony and Newmarket's Anzac Parade. These pictures were taken by : Luke McKeown.

Ponsonby Business Association

No meeting was held this month. Never the less I am encouraging you all to dine at Ponsonby this month.

Parks Sports & Recreation The following are parks projects and issues I have logged that I have been working on with the greater community in the past month.

#Greylynnpark The No Mow/Kāore tipi project is finally getting its sign. The Wild Initiative has partnered with Waitematā Local Board and Auckland Council's Community Facilities to bring the steep banks in this park back to life. Together, we will be ceasing mowing of this bank. No mowing will assist the soil to return to good health and will aid in the prevention of topsoil erosion. Re-wilding this land will not only create habitat for our native and exotic flora and fauna, it is hoped that it will protect our waterways from run-off.

Kāore tipi No mow The partnership with Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board will help provide evidence that may support future re-wilding projects in Auckland and could result in a much greater area of land being taken out of the mowing schedule. This site will be planted with a mix of natives and exotics to increase the biodiversity of the area and it is anticipated that it will, over time, enable a richer ecosystem to develop.

Please email:

#WesternSpringsOpening I wrote a seperate blog post about the opening. You can find it here on this link:

#OlympicSwimmingPool Olympic Pool has a long history with Council dating back to 1994. Olympic currently holds a lease that expires in November 2023.

Olympic Pool were not required to adopt the Free Swimming for 16 and under policy, and whilst offered the option, they chose to decline citing it did not support their business model. Olympic are responsible for the maintenance of the asset, whilst Council is responsible for renewal of core infrastructure.

The Olympic Pool has some seismic weaknesses and a further consultant engineer report is being written to provide clarity on the nature of these. The Olympic are seeking a new lease in order to provide tenure for their business and allow for their redevelopment vision. The Local Board is expecting a non-solicited proposal from John Fay and Co.

#WesternPark The design has been completed and a physical works contract awarded for the renewal and upgrade of the amenity lighting within Western Park. These upgrades align with the August 2015 development plan recommendations. This scope includes:

• Decommission and remove existing concrete pole lights as per August 2015 development plan recommendations (21 x lights)

• Install single phase power supply for events (2 x single phase power points)

• Install LED pole lights at Ponsonby Rd entrance (2 x lights)

• Replace existing pole lights with LED lights at Northern sector (5 x lights)

• Install LED bollard lights at Ponsonby Rd entrance (16 x lights).

The design rationale for specifying low-level bollard lighting is to minimise shading from the existing trees. Pole lights would cast unwanted shadows onto the walkways and adjacent road.

I have attached theWESTERN PARK TUNA MAU DEVELOPMENT PLAN that was adopted by the Waitematā Local Board in 2015. Lighting for the park is discussed in section 3.2 of the plan (page 41 – 48) and the department has reported that the upgrades align with the recommendations within this plan.

#OuthwaitePark Outhwaite Park is due to be renewed.For those who haven’t visited, it is a lovely local open space surrounded by beautiful gardens. Auckland's first Supreme Registrar, Thomas Outhwaite and his French wife Louise, lived on this volcanic knoll from the 1840's and many of the mature trees date from this time. Louise gifted this park to the City Council . The heritage factor of the park will remain.

Play equipment has been designed by the award winning designer that did Takapuna‘s playground . Playground opening will be this summer.

#WellparkReserve Working with such passionate community members is so inspiring! Thank you Urban Ark and the residents of Maxwell Street led by Suzzane Kendrick. The park looks so much healthier already. On Saturday 19 June 10am - noon we will be gathering back again at the park to start planting.

#AlberonReserve This reserve has a steep corner that has lots of banana and giant Taros. I have consulted with Luke Niue from the Parnell community committee, checked GeoMaps if the land was Council's. I have logged the issue 8110399729.

Will keep you updated with what’re the next steps.

#MeolaReefDogPark A resident in Point Chev has brought this path to my attention. It's right next the fenced off dog exercising area. The issue has been logged 8110399763. The resident has also suggested both Albert Eden and the Waitematā Local Board consider running dog training lessons for users of the park.

#PlunkettBuildingParnell The toilets in the Plunkett Building have been fixed and now they allow access through the side of the building as-well as inside.

#HeardPark Park is going through early stake holder engagement stages to launch the public consultation of the development of this park. Throughout the years I have heard mixed views of the future of this space. I am looking forward to be able to allow the opportunity for you to have your say and help shape the future use of the park.

Logged Issues

  • Surface of path, track or cycleway is worn, slippery, or damaged at 95-99 St Mary's Road, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1011, Jacobs Ladder and St Mary's Bay Walkway, at 12:42:44 on 19.04.2021. Reference number is: 8110395029 - use this link to track our progress online.

  • Tree surround, stake, border or pit is damaged, broken or missing at 103 Symonds Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010, Town Centre - Karangahape Road, at 13:11:17 on 19.04.2021. Reference number is: 8110395059 - use this link to track our progress online.

  • Private commercial advertisement on 2 Hopetoun Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland, 1011, Western Park - Freemans Bay, reported on 19.04.2021. Reference number is: 8110395179

  • Branches, leaves or small trees have fallen on the ground and need to be cleared at 41 Herne Bay Road, Herne Bay, Auckland, 1011, Herne Bay Beach, reported on 17.04.2021. Your reference number is: 8110394698

  • Loose or scattered litter, rubbish, glass, cans, cigarette butts, needles, syringes, posters, branches or other organic waste at 97 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052, Gladstone Park, at 15:56:34 on 19.04.2021. Your reference number is: 8110395177- use this link to track our progress online.

  • Pest plant or weed growing at 2/62 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052, Scarborough Reserve, at 13:56:03 on 04.05.2021. We expect to resolve this problem by 18.05.2021 - Your reference number is: 8110399021

  • Something Else at 51 Ayr Street, Parnell, Auckland, 1052, Newmarket Park, reported on 03.05.2021. Your reference number is: 8110398563 - Service Request: 8100834269, Illegal Dumping

Transport related issues.

  • The reference for your request, illegally parked vehicle parking on broken yellow lines is: CAS-356088-F0Q2G1 - Freemans Bay Community Centre

  • Council: Ref. no for your request from 19.04.2021 for Illegal Dumping is: 8100825896 Please do not reply to this message. Call 093010101 if you require further information.

  • Car Party's have been brought to my attention via twitter. I have made time to bike around the most popular "free" no enforcement parking areas - I found "illegally" parked cars in :

  • Constitutional Hill

  • St Patrick Square

  • Auckland Domain

  • Fort street

  • Dove Myer Robinson

  • Albert Park

  • Uber/Ola drivers are our friends not our enemy's. After a few chats to my uber drivers their seems to be a trend of uber drivers getting $60 tickets for confusing goods and services designated area for loading zone.

Economic Development What's on this and Month

#PonsonbyBusinessAssociation Eat, drink, love Ponsonby is on this month. My two fave places in Ponsonby is Olas Arepas and Khu Khu Eatery.

#KarangahapeBusinessAssociation First Thursdays was fantastic ! I loved Manawa Tapu's exhibition at Sunset Tattoo's ground floor.

#ParnellBusinessAssociation {in]betweeners from 5-7 in Parnell are on on Wednesdays.

May's Sustainability webinar invites Parnell Business Association Members to listen and understand how to reduce our energy use in small practical ways. I attended the first seminar and loved it so much learned a few tips on getting organisations being proactive with taking just small steps in the right direction.


Uptown is lucky to house one of the most innovative posgraduate institutions in the city. The Mind Lab is opening the doors of their Lab for an Open Day. They said its where you can view their innovative learning space. Meet our passionate people and learn more about the life-changing programmes they offer. This is not a regular Open Day… they are doing it our way. It's on Saturday 15th May, 10:00am-12:30pm at 99 Khyber Pass Road.


Business Accelerator Event with Jacob Faull 24 Jun, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm NZST Auckland, 433 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn. Another in our series focus on how to build and create great businesses. Networking and creating business opportunities are our focus. sustainability is our ethos

Land Owner Approvals - J Day - Approved

- 24 Nicholls Lane project to construct a pedestrian underpass below the northern end of Parnell railway station.

Meetings / events attended

·16th April Meeting in Alberon Reserve with Chair of Parnell Community Committee ·17th April Te Wai Orea Playground Opening - Wellpark Reserve regeneration

·19th April Walk in Parnell Logging Issues - Meeting with Parnell Lawn Club - Caucus Meeting - Arrived at CLG group then had to leave for an emergency

·20th April Local Board Workshop - Local Board Business Meeting - Covert Theatre

·21st April Parnell walk around with constituent John Waterson

·22nd April Catch up with Six interested in 3 Ponsonby road - Walk around Myers Park collecting Nangs

·25th April Dawn Anzac Ceremony Auckland Domain - Newmarket Anzac Ceremony

·27th April Local Board Workshop - Women in urbanisim catch up

·28th April Meola reef Catch up with Mark Graham

·29th April Jasmax chats Jerome (Olive and Lemon tree planting in Fraser Park) - Kainga Ora monthly catch up

·1st May Voices of Hope Fundraiser

·2nd May Lumsden Freehouse supporting a Local Newmarket resident's new gigs.

·3rd May Walk Through Newmarket Park with Resident logging issues

·4th May Local Board Workshop - Local Board Business Meeting - The Period Place to life (studio one)

·5th May City Mission Meeting (organised by Kerrin) - Business Accelerator Event Great North Road

·6th May Sustainability Seminar - Power Usage - Silicon Mahi - First Thursdays Karangahape

·7th May Boarding Machine Official Day Mt eden - Resource Management Act Kurana Kawa - Meeting Gael Baldock to build some protectors for her sculptures - Michael Wood/ Light Rail.

Disclosures I am a member of Hackland, I will be paying $25 a week starting the 21st of April.

I have re-started my old Business The Pallet Kingdom - This means that Fridays and Mondays I will working at my workshop.

Recommendation That this report be received.

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